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Choices Stories You Play Hack: Unlimited Free Diamonds & Keys

Diamonds and Keys Are Waiting Right for You, To Get Them Use Choices Stories You Play Cheats Right Away for Free!

Enter a new adventurous world, were you will have the responsibly of deciding everything that happens around you, depending on your look and replays to the several events you will get to face. The game has the realism story line, and the reactions from the other UI characters, such as a change of mode and sudden shock. This is a next level of the mobile gaming industry.

It was created and published by the giant company” Pixelberry” that we have to thank for such an effort in this game. Get the game now on your Android or IOS devices for free, and do not forget to use Choices Stories You Play Cheats as well to unlock the rest of the game chapters and features for free, using in game Diamonds and Keys,  Please keep read the article for Choices Stories You Play Hack Which going to change your mood upside to an awesome one.

Game Story In Details!

As any other game, it has its own ups and downs, but here we can see only good ups and few minor downs, let’s talk about them with details to help you as a player to know where exactly you heading to, the game has many different chapters to play in and enjoy their well written stories, but the issue here is that you cannot keep playing the game for as many as you want, since each chapter you will get to play in has to be unlocked with certain amount of keys or use Diamonds as an alternative, and it is very hard to be honest to get yourself the desired amounts of Choices Stories You Play Free keys and diamonds to be able to unlock all of the locked chapters.
That is why someone had to solve this problem and Choices Stories You Play Cheats should be your solution, or Choices Stories You Play Hack as it works in the same way so far. Now let’s talk about the good sides of the game as you are playing the game, you will notice that all the things happening in this game could actually happen to you in your real life, nothing is weird or out of this world, so it adds the realistic part perfectly, plus you can play in many different modes either the horror part or the romantic and realistic stories mode, so feel free to choose between them at the start of the game, you can switch later between them if you want but that is going to come at a cost, and as we have mentioned above that Choices Stories You Play Hack should be able to cover this part for you.

Read Choices Stories You Play Guide to Learn How to Take the Right Decision!

Let’s move a step by step over the game and how it works and give you the real experience of playing the game without even having to download it yet, enter your nickname that is going to define your character so far, and at the bottom right corner of the screen there shall be the settings. Now let’s go in details of the settings menu of the game, and since this is supposed to be Choices Stories You Play Guide for more ideas you need to take a look to Injustice 2 Hack, and also Choices Stories You Play hack is waiting for you for optimal results, at the first option of the settings menu.
You will get the option of turning on the game notifications to receive the latest game news and upgrades going on the game while you are away doing your regular daily basis on the mobile, now we got the second option is to login with the Facebook account to save your game progress and you will also be getting the access to your saved data from any other device you logging with your Facebook account.

Your Privacy Is In Safe Hands!

we consider this as a great option so far, and some great feature you should be keeping in mind that the game will never post anything to your wall or ask for send invitations to your friends without your permission, so you are simply safe and secure at such an occasion, and if you do not have a Facebook account this shall not be a problem at all, you can use the Gmail as an alternative and it will work the same way that Facebook does. The leaderboards, which is a big concern to the most of the players out there, We can’t forget the Homescapes Hack which developed by giantcheats forum.

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They are simply the most competitive part of the game, like you get to challenge players from all over the universe, each one has his own idea and skills to advance in the game, but with the Choices Stories You Play Hack, you should not worry much about such a problem, the Choices Stories You Play cheats will be providing you with Choices Stories You Play Free Diamonds and Keys For free, without any limit on the numbers you want, so your goals at the game should be reaching the highest level of the game and become at the top of the leaderboards.

Choices Stories You Play Cheats

Choices Stories You Play Cheats: Get Giant Amount of Free Diamonds & Keys

Read Choices Stories You Play Tips to Be Able to Complete the Game Ailments Successfully!

Last but not least the game Achievements, if you play the game without a purpose or any reward to take for completing certain tasks, the game will get boring and meaningless in no time, and that’s when the game achievements role shines, keep checking the track of the given achievements to complete them and unlock new ones with following the given instructions at the achievements menu description, and if you ever thought the rewards from completing them is not enough or not satisfying your needs, head right into Choices Stories You Play Hack and fulfill your pockets with Diamonds and Keys without any restrictions of effort needed, and on our next stage of the game we shall be covering the game story more in depth and giving you Choices Stories You Play tips as well to know where to start exactly as a beginner at such a game type.

Romance Book Covered with Details and Unlock More Books Using Choices Stories You Play Hack!

The game is entitled into few categories, but right here we will be talking about the romance category, and the first chapter we got here is the Rules of Engagement Book 1: your goal here is to find the love by the end of the summer so let’s get started and see what is going to happen over there. Make sure you are equipped with the latest version of Choices Stories You Play Hack to be able to play the next chapters.

You will get the chance to meet the love of your life at the beach, so do not mess it up since this is considered to be a lifetime chance.

 Chapter One: The Heiress

Welcome to the Ember of the Sea, the pinnacle of luxury cruise ships. Are you ready to embark on the summer of a lifetime? But before heading there, get Choices Stories You Play hack, so you would be able to go far in this game, this was just an introduction by the crew member, he will start helping you with packing the bags and delivering them to your destination, but first you will have to enter a name for yourself, remember you are playing as a female character so any male names would not make this story appropriate. You can also get yourself the desired hair between the curly long hair, or straight lovely hair and the short hair style. Moving to the next step is where you will get to choose the outfit of your character, there are also three choices only to choose from: Jacket and semi-formal dress, or Long dress. And once you are done with the customization part, you will get an over view of your character and decide either to continue on the game or go back to the menu to change how you looking. Now let’s go back to the crew member story.

The group has been waiting for you to attend some sort of a meeting belongs to Mr. Singh so let’s head there since you are just far away few steps from hearing some really interesting news. And the best news would be waiting for you if you started using Choices Stories You Play hack right now.  So let’s take a seat at the pool bar and gaze out across the ship`s deck to the ocean while the crew member goes ahead and informs them that you are here. But out of nowhere.

Meet The Love of Your Life!

you will get to encounter your first chance to meet the right guy or not, so this is all coming up to your choices and reactions at the game, do not forget to put your hands on Choices Stories You Play cheats to be able to find the right response at such situations. Now he is offering you a drink so you got three choices, either to accept it gently, flirt with him, or decline it softly, so it is all up to you. So you will realize that he is the bartender of this place, and the game is giving you the freedom of giving him the desired name you wish. And as the speech goes on, you will get to know that the meeting is with your own grandmother who is a lawyer living here, as the story goes on, things get a little bit complicated so let’s see next on our segment how your different reactions would affect the game progression, do not forget that after completing this chapter you could be needing to play into another ones, and that is only possible if you had enough diamonds or keys which can be found for free at Choices Stories You Play cheats.

Meet The Attractive Bartender!

Before things get real at the bar, head to Choices Stories You Play cheats and get it now, use the generated Choices Stories You Play Free diamonds to be able to unlock latest game books, and now let’s hack back, the drink you going to have right now is going to tell a lot about your personality as the bartender has said previously, so going for a tropical drink, Champagne, or Whiskey, neat. At our experience of this game, we have gone with the Champagne, and since you would like to know what It tells about your personality. It says that you are very classy and has got a good sense of taste. Out of the blue, your sister will show up to give you a big hug from behind, and seems like you and her didn’t meet in a long time, but she is actually a cheerful person and she was in some sort of a party so meeting up with her to go with this mysterious meeting with the lawyer is kind of awkward, but now comes the second test for you, it is either to admit that you were flirting with the bartender or not, but at the moment let’s take a break and remind you for the free Keys and Diamonds waiting for you to get picked up at the Choices Stories You Play cheats for free.

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Choices Stories You Play Free Diamonds & Keys

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Do Not Foregut About Your Fiancé!

So now you are in between three choices, as your sister has noticed you flirting with the bartender, so you either admit that you are attracted to him or deny it totally to make things look much normal and remove any suspicious on your sister mind. Remember that Choices Stories You Play cheats is only available for a limited time. Keep in mind that the game is more like a real life simulation so everything you do or say counts and could take the game story into a whole new level. So as the story goes on we will realize that we are already in a relationship, and actually we got a fiancé. So go ahead you and your sister to clinch the glasses of champagne over the ocean see, and as jess downs hers, your attention is caught by a progression-looking man in a crisp suit. His name is Dinesh Singh, and he has some paperwork for you guys to attend. As a quick notation, you should be knowing that after this chapter is over you will need keys and diamonds to be able to play in new ones, so go for Choices Stories You Play cheats. He is your grandmother`s lawyer, and it feels amazing to know that her last wish was to meet up here on this place, and it was very clear that his summer trip was very important to her.

Thanks Grandma!

so let’s make it worth it. Go ahead and go for more romantic love stories by using Choices Stories You Play cheats which will enable you to unlock all the game locked chapters. And let’s go back to the main story. As she wanted you to enjoy your time go ether, as she did she was your age on this cruise. She has left you both two letters and for your siblings and cousin as well, and now let’s give you a quick overview of this letter. “My dearest Katie, I hope you will forgive me for keeping this from you, but I have seen wealth ruin many happy families, and I never wanted that for my children or grandchildren, but now that I’m gone, I want you to know the truth and I hope you honor my last wishes and find happiness from them” and this means that she has left 500$ million fortune to split among you, your three siblings and your cousin. But more wealth is waiting for you at Choices Stories You Play hack.